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15 SEO Myths of 2019 that you should stop believing

Myth 1: SEO means ranking high

Myth 2: Submitting your XML sitemap boosts your ranking

Myth 3: Having an SSL certificate is not important for SEO

Myth 4: Meta descriptions improve search ranking

Myth 5: More links More Content

Myth 6: Keyword stuffing is the key to SEO

Myth 7: The tittle is the most important on-page SEO element

Myth 8: You need to repeat the EXACT keywords

Myth 9: Your homepage needs to have a lot of content

Myth 10: Google doesn’t know the quality of back-links to your site

Myth 11: More pages or content means more traffic

Myth 12: You don’t need to optimize your website for Mobile Phones.

Myth 13: You don’t need to optimize images

Myth 14: Old domain means better ranking

Myth 15: Google never forgives you

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