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20 tips for 2020 technical SEO practice

20 tips for 2020 technical SEO practice

1. Google search console integration with Google Analytics πŸ”—
2. Allow different search engines to index the website βœ…
3. Build the sitemap for HTML and XML πŸ—Ί
4. Submit the XML sitemap to Google πŸ“Œ
5. Check your site with a new URL inspection tool 🧐
6. Create a robots.txt file πŸ€–
7. Make your site mobile friendly πŸ“³
8. Make your site fast 🏍
9. Have a responsive website πŸ—ƒ
10. Create SEO friendly URLs πŸ˜‡
11. Identify crawl errors πŸ”
12. Create effective 404 pages πŸ’»
13. Set correct 301 redirections πŸ”„
14. Fix broken links πŸ› 
15. Turn to https πŸ”
16. Fix duplicate content issues πŸ›Ά
17. Use hreflang for multilingual websites 🈯️
18. Use structured data 🧩
19. Set breadcrumbs correctly ⏩
20. Set up AMP pages πŸ“²

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