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Easy Steps To Increase session Duration on Your Website

Easy Steps To Increase session Duration on Your Website

1.Employ An Attractive And Interactive Design
If your website’s design is too complex, full of graphics and/or ads, is difficult to navigate, not
user-friendly, and/or bad looking, the chances are that users will leave it immediately, no matter how
good is your website content.

2.Improve Readability of Your Web Pages And Text
Readability indicates how easy it is for users to find and read content on your website. It is affected
by many factors like font-size, font-type, background color and font-color, length and complexity of sen
sentence formation, language, grammar, placement of ads and use of relevant words within the text.

3.Focus More On High-Engagement pages
In normal situations, your website homepage will be the one to experience the most number of visits in a
day, but if you have one or more high-engagement pages on your site that are getting more visits than others,
you should focus more on improving these specific pages.

4.Add unique, Optimized And High-Quality Images
Unique and good quality images rank very fast in Google so you can generate good traffic through your website images as well.For this, you need to create and use only unique and high-quality images on your web pages, and optimize these images with proper alt tags and for size.

5. Write Engaging And Precise Content
The text content is the most important part of a web page. It provides the actual information for which the user came to your website in the first place (unless it is an info-graphic, then the image itself is the content).Make sure that your website content is great.

6.Add videos Whenever Needed
Videos are becoming quite popular among online users nowadays, even more than images. Millions of users
are watching videos on YouTube for almost everything, including information, learning, tips, tutorials,
movies and tv serials, entertainment, advertising and more.

7.Internal Linking
Internal Linking is the linking of relevant texts (Keywords/phrases) within the content of a page to the other
other related pages of your website. It makes sure that the user can find all the relevant information
around that particular topic on the same page and can navigate easily throughout the website.

8.Update Content Regularly
Content is something that gets old or outdated with time, and if you do not keep refreshing it with new
information regularly, even the regular visitors of your website will get bored of it eventually.

9.Include Calls-To-Action Comments
As I said above,write content that prompt users to take some specific actions.The best way to do this is
to include a calls to action ‘text at the end of the content. It prompts users to share their thoughts
or ask a question through comments or share the article on social networks or take any other action.

10.Increase Website Credibility
It is not easy for users to trust a page content when there is no information about the author who actually
wrote the post. This is why, most of the popular blogging sites mention the author name, picture and short
bio along with the post. It increases the user-trust and eventually the credibility of the website.

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