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About Us

School is the base of the future generation and to make it more stronger. Kazma Technology Introducing School Management Application App. It bridging the gap between parents,children,school and drivers. A future that set to change better. This amazing App is launched in India, which is going to change the school’s experience altogether. Now, you can also say is that, Yes, one app does more than anyone! Hereafter don’t work hard on paper, work on your core task and leave other responsibility on our School Management Application App Call us for more details and get your smart solution for your better tomorrow!

  • Removes hard work for the institution

Technology has always been remained a help to us. Now the workload of maintaining notification will be decreased through the use of this app


  • Real time Leave application

Not the parents only but now the school or institution will be also aware of the absence of the student on the particular date

  • Low cost communication

    We have dedicated to this APP for a purpose that can used in as much as school so totally with its unique pricing feature eventually it is as low which the school incurred in the paper cost.

  • Improved Fee Remainder box

    Now the parents can easily get remainder of the fees details and never be late in paying the fees, and school or institution will get fewer phone calls of parents asking about fee payment days and details


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