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School is the base of the future generation and to make it more stronger. Kazma Technology Introducing School Management Application App. It bridging the gap between parents,children,school and drivers. A future that set to change better. This amazing App is launched in India, which is going to change the school’s experience altogether. Now, you can also say is that, Yes, one app does more than anyone! Hereafter don’t work hard on paper, work on your core task and leave other responsibility on our School Management Application App Call us for more details and get your smart solution for your better tomorrow!

Bridging The Gap Between Parents, Children,School & Drivers


-School Management DRIVER APP

Brief Description of School Management Application:

Most schools want to maintain an honest relationship with families. Their co-operation and support can produce a real distinction also, children see themselves as learners and act in learning. Real-time and regular communication relating to the child’s individual development and achievements is also a key part of successful partnership work.

The biggest root cause noticed is the increasing stress due to extremely busy professional lives parents experience in India. The parents have less time to manage all type of chores and over that all communications and activities related to school. The key challenge in this Hotchpotch is to cope up with this gap. Hence, the appropriate solution to this must be initiated by smart school management at earliest.

Many types of research for over a decade has repeatedly shown that parental involvement has a direct impact on a child’s success. The typical pressure of work-load in professional life has created it’s a powerful aura for people to attend each event that the child’s faculty organizes. Millions of parents have shared the same challenges over and over again of not being able to keep up with smooth communications and being able to give their 100% contribution to parenthood.

Hence, Kazma Technology Offers School Management Application, It has been so welcomed by schools. The use of technology to bridge this gap between school & parents and the faculties has shown a mind-blowing success. Significantly by indulging the busy parents in their kid’s life.

Technology provides a huge platform for schools to track down the progress and activities going around at intervals too. Notifications regarding school assignment/ projects, faculty fees, faculty activities, functions, students behavior etc. It narrows down the communication between school and the faculties in real time and forever connected via School Management Application.

At times, teachers may need to initiate the communication in the form of an email, or a phone call to guardians for the initial introduction and setting expectations. No matter if it is about homework, school assignment or kid’s classroom behavior, parents appreciate frequent feedback about their child. To avoid frustration, teachers are often advised to contact the child’s guardian without waiting much longer in case if the issue is too severe.The tutor should also keep a proper follow up on every student’s problems and keep parents informed about the same.

What problems do we solve?
  • Meetings of parents and teachers are conducted rarely, thus creates a gap in knowing the student’s performance.
  • Teacher’s gets limited time to focus on each student, thus to reach every parent through normal meeting is difficult
  • Parents are always curious about their child’s academic status, but they hardly get time to get in touch with the school and get updated about the performance of their child.
  • Student may not be able to clarify their doubts from school.
  • Parent are worried about the pickup and drop to school and back home
How we solve these problems?
  • School Management App connects to each parent individually.
  • School Management App simplifies the job of an admin by allowing them to send announcements, reminders, schedules etc to the entire teachers and parent directly from their desk.
  • Now full class attendances in just 30 sec.
  • Allows teachers to send announcements, reminders, schedules etc right from their smart phones to every parent without taking much time.
  • Instant parent-teacher communication is possible with a message and can send daily updates to the parents.
  • School Management App helps students to clarify doubts after school by providing access to their teachers through messages.

Benefits to School

School Management App is added peace-of-mind for admin, teacher, parent & drivers. The School Management  app help better engagement between parents and school teachers. It also helps to strengthen the parent-teacher relationship.The most effective way is to engage with the schools while they are using mobile applications. Interaction tendency in schools is enhanced by mobile applications. School Bell app is the best way for teachers to stay connected with their parent and update them about their child activity.

Teacher profiles

All the details of the students can be displayed including photo, address, qualification and contact number.

Daily Attendance

Teacher can take attendance in just 30 sec and give more time core tasks.


Taking leave and remembering about the leave left is hassle free.

Substitute Duty

Admin can substitute the duty of the leave teacher with other teacher who are free on that particular time.

Circulars & Notices

Now admin and teacher don’t have waste time in non-core task. All the tasks can be managed and organized using School Management App such as circulars & notices for event or homework, timetable and attendance at a single click. Thus, saves time of teachers and admin.

Stay Organized

Now teacher don’t have to worry that they will forget the assign task from the principal. School Management app help them to remember it.

Cost Saving

Expensive in-house software and communicating with parents through paper circulars and SMS can be put to an end and thus you can save money.

Increased Efficiency

Without worrying about maintaining records and handling paperwork, School Management App ensures everything done in minutes.

Fees follow-up.

Most of the school face problem in following up for fees. They have to remind the student for fees which kids feel ashamed of. Now School Management App send reminder to the parent directly and provide multiple options where paying fees is not an issue. Also, a fee receipt is sent to the school and parent for their records.

Event photo/ Video

Now school can share the event photo and video with parent to know about the activity planned in school.

Benefits to parents:

Student Profiles

All the details of the students can be displayed including photo, parent details, address, class and contact number.

Daily Attendance

Parents can obtain instant notification and view of the student attendance in the current academic year including present days and leaves.

Circulars & Notices

Now parents are aware about all circulars and notices from the schools.

Stay Organized

Now parents can ensure that their children pack according to the classes that they have for that particular day. Time table can be re-scheduled and published through School Bell app.

Increased Efficiency

Due to real time updates from schools, kids will put more effort in their study performance, attendance rate will increase & study performance will become better.

Notifications about child pickup and drop.

Parents receive notifications from driver when he picks or drop the kids to school or home. Parent can also track the vehicle on the real time basis. Parent will be stress free now.

Event Registration

Students will never miss out any important day at school. Various events and other details corresponding to it are shared with parents and students through this app.

Daily Home Work

Parents can to know about the home works and assignments through School Management App , therefore no need to worry anymore thinking whether children have missed any note of all the homework given.

Tests and Examination Results

Now you can access tests, progress reports, exam results and grades of your child directly through School Management App.

Fee Details

Information regarding fee payable, payment status and dues for different fee

Push message technology

Push messages service is wherein parent can send the message to respective teacher who are taking studies of your kids after school ex. tuition teacher, elder sister/brother etc.

Benefits to Drivers:

Route Selection

Driver will select route in which he is assigned.

Trip Type

Drive will select the trip type. Home/School.

Google Maps.

Driver will see the confirm pickup/drop students assigned by confirmation.


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