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If you have a Non-WordPress or Non-Blogger website then you can still apply all the SEO tips including on-page and off-page ?

Search engine robots always read the source code of the page/site, and take all the SEO related data from there, so in this case, we have the source code for every website, whether it’s static HTML site or dynamic PHP based ecommerce, all we can add below elements to the pages in order to make them SEO friendly.

On-Page SEO Elements for any website:

1) <title>Title of the page</title>

2) <meta name=”robots” content=”index.follow”/>

3) <meta name=”description” content=”description goes here”/>

4) <meta name=”keywords” content=”Keywords goes here, with comma”/>

5) Headings such as h1, h2, h3, h4

6) Interlinking to other relevant pages

Above are the basic and necessary SEO tags for an HTML page, you can include these to a static HTML page, and you can do it dynamically for PHP or ASP based websites, if if you can’t do it then tell your web developer he/she will do it for you.

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