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Latest Google SEO Updates in 2019

Latest Google SEO Updates in 2019

1.  Broad Core Algorithm Update
2.  16 Months Data on Google Search Console Analytics API
3.   Bing’s Mobile Search Results Now Support AMP pages
4.  Google Publishes research on New Paraphrasing Algorithm
5.  Google Introduces New Search Engine for Finding Data sets
6.  Mobile-First Indexing
7.  Google’s “Crowd Control” feature
8.  Visual Site-links images in Site link Extensions for Mobile Search Ads
9.  Google My Business allows Admits to Edit Review Replies from the knowledge panel
10.  SiteMap File Size Limit increased from 10 MB to 50 MB
11. YouTube Launches Vertical Video Ads for True View and Universal Apps
12. Google Discourages Linking to Every Page from a Site’s Home Page
13. Google Introduces Stoppable Images Ads

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