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Website Marketing Plan to Increase Conversions

Marketing plan is very important for current trend to stay ahead in this competitive market.

1.Your Target Audience

Understand who your target audience is in order to market your business website to them appropriately

2.Needs of Users
Understand the needs and pain points of your users or visitors; how are you helping solve a problem they face?

3.Social Media
Shortlist social media channels that your target audience is likely to be found on, market your website on these channels.

4.Optimized Website
Your website should be fully Optimized for search engines; a well optimized website improves your ranking. 

5.Content Marketing
Explore keyword based content marketing and promotion on relevant online publishing websites to maximize traffic.

6.Email Marketing
Initiate email marketing campaigns with the existing database of users, free giveaways like eBooks and PDFs will attract users.

7. Website Analysis
Carry out a through website analysis of your business website to see how you can improve your website and its performance.

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