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Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

Which is the better cloud service? Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure?

In today’s market, there are many providers of cloud computing services. Among all the existing providers, AWS and Azure are two of the biggest cloud providers in the IT industry and are in constant competition with each other. Which is the best among both? Before choosing any one of these, it is essential to get familiarized with them.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) – is an on-demand cloud computing provider presented by Amazon in the year 2006. It is the oldest and has an extensive list of computing services with networking, databases, storage, security, etc.

Azure- is a cloud computing provider created by Microsoft in the year 2010. Since then, it has given tough competition to its rivals. Just like AWS, Azure also provides ‘n’ number of computing services to its customers.  

While choosing the right cloud service provider for your organization, there are several factors to consider such as-

  1. PRICING- AWS has a pay-as-you-go model, but they charge per second.

Azure also has a pay-as-you-go model, but they charge per minute. Azure also provides an option between pre-paid or monthly charges


AWS is not a very user-friendly platform for users.

Azure compared to AWS, proves to be a very powerful and user-friendly platform to the users.


Businesses select one or multiple availability zones for many reasons including the provision of proximities to end customers. Cloud administrators can quickly move resources from one zone to another availability zone seamlessly. This decreases latency and keeps all the resources well protected.

AWS has 55 availability zones with 8 more on the way.

Azure has 44 availability zones with a great number of 12 more on the way.

  1. STORAGE- 

In AWS, there are three storage services- Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Elastic File System (EFS).  

Azure offers Blob Storage, Table Storage, Queue Storage, and File Storage.

Businesses consider AWS for “Reliability”, whereas the main reason for choosing Azure is because of its “All-in-one storage solution”


AWS is still developing its hybrid cloud as it has recently taken up on the same.

Azure is a long-time IT provider, has strong support for hybrid cloud services.


In the past 12 months,

AWS has lost 6% of public cloud market shares and now has 40% shares worldwide. On the other hand, Azure has moved its market share from 26% to 30% in the cloud business.  


Both AWS and Azure are experiencing revenue growth. But in the past few years, Azure has had a higher growth rate compared to AWS. Are you still confused about picking the best cloud provider for your organization? Choosing between them is more of a business decision based on the organization’s requirements. KazmaTechnology provides the expertise and services that will help you choose the best cloud provider based on your business requirement. 

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