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GTFS : Integrated Services | Case Study

Business Issue & Objective

As a principal insurance service seller operating on a pan India scale, GTFS was incumbent with creation and monitoring of its captive sales force across the country. Creation of team architecture, addition or removal of members, member activity and monitoring of feedback ,all in real time, across 25 states presented itself as a business scalability challenge for GTFS. The company’s objective to moveout from manual reporting to automated MIS led way for development of unique integrated MIS services.


Kamza Technology proceeded with the creation of a staff monitoring geo-application only to scale it up to a full-sized CRM with sales tracking, manpower tracking, documentation and MIS report capability, strung together with cloud, mobile and desktop applications, working in bundle as an integrated Insurance Service system for the Company on a National scale. The challenge of developing such robust systems with focus on ease of use and adaptation into existing processes opens up room for innovative development from a user perspective.
We pride ourselves in being able to roll out the desired system with seamless adoption throughout the hierarchy of GTFS, thereby bringing down lead-time in reporting, stringing together insurance documentation with customer integration and adding value to each step in the business process.

Our Promise

We, at Kazma Technology assure our very best when it comes to helping our clients realise their vision. Implementing robust and scalable solutions, within the commitied time frame and without cost escalations to maximize value to our clients. All projects are governed by our privacy policy and all information exchange is as per sanction of client. Please refer to our privacy policy at

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