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Have you heard about Ambient Marketing?

I hope everyone heard ambient marketing. If no, don’t worry your going to learn what is ambient marketing and the advantage.

What Is Ambient Marketing?

Ambient marketing is showing your ad on unusual place. Ambient marketing you can find everywhere inside or outside the place.

The key success of ambient marketing is showing power full creative message combine with where you place the ad.

Commonly ambient marketing advertisement size is either small or biggest.Ambient marketing can be shocking, surprising or funny. it can be found anywhere and everywhere.

why it because small or Bigger in the size? when we see abnormally bigger or small size object automatically we will stop and take a look closer,

Which is a great way to create a curiosity.

Most of the biggest brand McDonald, kitkat, Mini cooper..etc.those are doing currently and got the good results.

Below you can see the examples of Ambient marketing creatives.
ambient marketing

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