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What are some basic tips for social media marketing (free)?

If using social media in business is new to you, you are probably not aware of some simple things you can do to improve your social media profile easily. 

Customization refers to using different setting options in order to make a social media profile as unique as possible in order to present your business. Each social network offers some of the options for customization and those usually include:

Profile image – Profile image is usually a smaller image that represents your page or profile. It is visible next to the posts and status updates you publish on the specific social network, including both posting on your own page or profile, and posting on other profiles, pages or groups.

Cover image – Some social networks, such as Facebook and Google+, allow adding a cover photo. This photo is larger than the profile photo and it is usually displayed across the top part of the user profile or page. Larger image allows you to take advantage of visual content and present your company.

With both types of images, it is advisable that you use images that will symbolize your business. You can include the logo, the slogan, or the name of the business itself. Since visual content helps you attract the attention of the visitors, this is great for online presentation. You should make sure that you have the permission to use the images in order to avoid copyright infringements.

Description – Depending on the social network, you will have an opportunity to add a short or long description of your company. Take advantage of this feature and provide additional information about your business. Try to use keywords in the description, as this might help users find you more easily when using social network search option.

Description can include a short biography, the description of the products or services you offer, as well as the information about the approach, policy, etc.

URLs – Adding a website’s or blog’s URL will help users discover even more information about your company. If the users discover your business through a social network, a URLs posted in  the about section of your page or profile can help users discover your website or blog, where they can then subscribe to a newsletter or decide to buy from you. This kind of cross-promotion is also recommended when it comes to linking to other social networks profiles. Apart from the website or blog URL, you can also add URLs of other social networks, so users who discover your page on Facebook, can then follow you on Instagram or Twitter, or any other social network.

Location – Adding location has two main benefits. When you add your location, the specific social network will be more successful at showing you the results that are relevant to you, based on your current location. This helps you discover people and content related to the specific region.

On the other hand, adding location to your social network profiles helps users find you easily. If you run a local business, you understand the importance of being shown on Google Maps, Foursquare, etc. Not only are people more likely to find you when exploring the options to visit the nearby places, but the potential visitors can read the reviews of your business, regardless if it is a restaurant, an entertainment center, etc. Positive reviews certainly have positive influence on anyone who is thinking about visiting you.

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