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What are the effective SEO tips for fast ranking?

Many people believe that SEO is hard but this is not true. Basic SEO configurations are very easy to understand and implement, sometimes this is all you need to do to for maximum promotion on all major search engines.

There are mainly 5 tips to get quick rankings. They are.

  1. Optimize your titles, URL and descriptions: This is very old but still working fine, and the website must be more descriptive, user friendly. The most important is when user saw our website it gives the complete idea what the website describes.
  2. Provide useful and fresh content: Don’t write the irrelevant content on the website and more over it helps to user and the content should be unique.
  3. Improve your website’s loading time: It is most important that your website loaded in very short time, for this you can optimize your images and your content with in the limit.

The other factors that boast your page rank are:

  • Remove big images
  • Remove unnecessary JavaScript files
  • Use sprites instead of small images to minimize http redirects
  • Move to a faster hosting provider

4. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly:

First and foremost is the fact that most of your users are coming from mobile. more than 70% of your traffic comes from mobile. This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile viewing, these people will leave your website and probably never come back again.

5. Register your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools: Once you go through the registration process and perform some basic configurations you will get notified if there is a problem with your website and also start looking at some interesting facts about your website like:

  • Number of index pages
  • Number of incoming links
  • Search queries
  • Crawl errors
  • Number of internal links


The above 5 tips are simple but at the same time they are also very important.

If you are running a blog, eCommerce store or content driven website and you are not getting traffic from search engines, then you need to ensure that you have implemented the above 5 tips correctly.

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