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Don’t Neglect Any SEO Elements

Don’t Neglect Any SEO Elements

  1. Aggregation of Marginal Gains. Successful online performance relies on the combined weight of 100’s of SEO factors, both on page and off page which all work together, for or against your rankings.
  2. Don’t expect instant SEO results. While on page changes mostly affect rankings quite quickly, building trust & authority requires off page back-link
  3. Newly created back-links take at least 90 days before Google start to count them, & your trust & authority only rise after that
  4. New websites take longer to rank well. Older, established sites with online history tend to rank faster and
  5. Keyword rich TLD (Top Level Domain) URL’s can be dangerous for new websites. Google likes Brand building, so is often easier to rank rather than While older sites can ‘get away’ with using an old keyword rich domain that have history, new sites, launched since 2012 have had a much bigger problem with using a URL that includes keywords rather than their company name.
  6. https ssl certificate domains are considered more trusted by Google & as such often rank higher.
  7. Keep page URL’s as short and succinct as possible. Long URLs don’t rank as well,
  8. Your website is a work in progress. Websites need regular maintenance, new content, social activity etc. Your site will never be finished, it will just be either current and well managed or old and neglected. Which would you rank higher if you were a search engine?
  9. Page file size. The small your file sizes, the faster your site will load. Minimize html as much as possible, compress images and reduce server requests needed to load your pages. Under 100kb per page is a good target to aim
  10. Think “High Quality“. Whatever you do to your website from this moment forward, make sure it is of the highest quality, albeit backlink building, content writing, blogging etc

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