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Major Animation Design Principles

Walt Disney outlined 10 animation principles that can be effectively used in UI design in order to make the animation successful. However, not every effect needs to be used, therefore choose the following animation design ideas intelligently depending on what your platform requires for.

    1. Material- Show how the element appears, such as whether it is light or heavy, flat or three-dimensional, rigid or flexible, etc.
    2. Movement Trajectory- Living things typically have a flexible or less straight trajectory in comparison to mechanical objects, which typically have a straight trajectory.
    3. Timing- Timing is very important because in the actual world, things don’t just move by themselves; they need time to speed up or slow down. The presentation curves may therefore be preferred for natural movement.
    4. Animation can be introduced to make something stand out in order to attract the user’s attention to a certain area of the screen.
    5. Continuity and Overlapping – Continuity indicates that an action has come to an end. For instance, the person’s hand continues to move for a while after releasing a ball and directing it at a trajectory. The action that follows the initial action after it has been completed is called overlapping. With no waiting time between actions, this is employed to keep the user interested.
    6. Secondary Actions-The primary action is accompanied by the secondary action, which is comparable to overlap and follow-through.
    7. Since no thing begins or ends quickly, the animated movement of objects should be made to look realistic.
    8. Allow the user some time to anticipate and comprehend what is about to happen, like using the ease-in method.
    9. Rhythm: An animation that follows a beat or has a clear structure appears more realistic.
    10. Exaggeration is a technique employed by animators to depict a concept, movement, or impact in much more detail.

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