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About Types of Back links, Link Building and Opportunities

  • Link Types. Different link types are important to create a totally natural organic link profile.
  • Dofollow Backlinks. There is no such attribute as a ‘dofollow’ attribute, but if a link doesn’t have ‘nofollow’ it is dofollow by Dofollow links pass trust and authority to your site.
  • Nofollow Backlinks. No-follow backlinks are a natural part of your backlink profile, but should be less than 50% of your total links. Links with the nofollow attribute don’t pass authority to your.
  • URL Anchor Text. Should be the bulk of your anchor text, along with Brand
  • Company / Brand Anchor Text. Together with variations of your URL should be more than 65% of your total.
  • Brand + Keyword Anchor text. Can be used more frequently than EMT’s
  • Exact match anchor text.(EMT’s) Should be less than 1% of your total link
  • Empty anchor text. Links that use images with empty alt text attributes are marked as ’empty’ and should be included as a part of your backlink
  • Junk links. “Click here’, ‘Read more’, etc. should be part of your link
  • Home page / deeplinking backlink ratio. 85% of all your website links should point to your home
  • Avoid low quality directory links.
  • Don’t buy paid backlinks. Google hate paid links that manipulate SERP’s. Paid links should be nofollow attributed to keep your site safe. If you can identify a paid link then so can Google and you will be
  • Use a variety of link types to maintain a ‘natural’ link
  • Seek quality links from sites that already link to your top ranking
  • Use top industry directories for targeted links (only if they are Google indexed)

Link Building

  • One contextual link from a high authority niche category, google indexed site is worth far more than lots of low quality, blog comments, forum posts, social bookmarks
  • Focus on high trust score link sites only
  • Your site will receive 60% of the category score from the linking page. If the link page has a score of 50/100 you will gain a link with a score of 30/100
  • Nofollow links look natural, but have little SEO benefit in most instances
  • Avoid paid links from pages that have words on them such as “Advertise here”, “buy a link here”
  • Use email to contact the sites that link to your high ranked competitors. They may be happy to link to you
  • Write and offer high quality articles to sites you want a link from. Many sites struggle to create content and fresh content that’s well written will help them to keep their site current in exchange for linking to the
  • Write great page content on your site that covers a specific topic in great detail. Then contact industry leaders recommending your content to.
  • If you submit new content & it’s published on a new page, it will be an orphan page with little value until you create a link pointing to it…… that multiplies the work you need to
  • Footer links are far less valuable to you than contextual content
  • Sitewide sidebar links are often associated with blog comments and hence are not highly valued.
  • Reciprocal links have very little authoritybecause they are seen as a backscratching arrangement between.

Link Building Opportunities

  • Publish press releases for industry & company news. PR sites such as com are a good starting point.
  • Web 2.0 article submissions. Great content, supported by a link (you’ll have to create) into the new article can build a powerful link on sites such as com
  • Link pages. Many authority websites have link and resources pages that pass great trust and authority scores for your niche
  • RSS Feed. If you don’t publish an RSS feed you are missing an opportunity to earn some related links from niche
  • Niche directories. Identify specific directories for your industry, local area or niche and submit your
  • Logo Directories. If you want a link in the “Arts / Graphic Design” category with an authority score of 19, submit your logo to The Log Mix
  • Design useful infographics and submit them to these sites here
  • Blog Directories. Such as com which passes authority score 34/100 “Business / Small Business” category links to your site.
  • Article Directories. Try com for an “Business / Publishing & Printing” authority score 53 backlink.
  • Include testimonials on your site for services that you’ve used. Some of those sites will reference your testimonial by linking to it…. simples!
  • Offer images & graphics for your niche on your site. Optimize them and when people publish them on their sites, request a backlink in exchange for using the image or
  • Create a “List”. People love lists and like to link to them….. write a good one and share socially.
  • Video Infographics. Think infographic in slide format, presented as a video
  • Write Tutorials & How To’s. Commonly shared / linked to
  • Give away industry secrets / correct untruths. Write a post proving why a commonly held belief is
  • Identify a broken link on a site you want a link from. Then suggest they replace it with a link to you.

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